Pizza Box Bins


Pizza Box Bins

A project trial to combat the issues with pizza box disposal in public spaces.

Pizza box bin
At various times throughout the Covid 19 restrictions since March 2020 significant restrictions have been placed on retail food establishments. Some of these have involved retail food establishments to operate a take away only service.

At busy times through the year, especially during good weather, there has been a significant increase in members of the public eating outdoors, much more so than usual. The council has responded by improving the public realm and providing additional outdoor seating in a number of areas around the county to facilitate businesses and the public. Additional bins have been provided and rotas increased.

The Challenge

Despite the public and the Councils best efforts to always maintain a clear environment one issue kept coming up – pizza boxes stuck in nearly empty or half-empty bins, blocking them and rendering them unusable.

Pizza in pizza box
Trial Solution

Under the dlr BETA project we will be trialing two specially designed bins that will take pizza boxes ONLY. Two of these bins will be located in busy areas where we have found issues with pizza boxes being stuck in bins as being the most commonplace.

The idea of the trial bins is to see how well they work with pizza boxes only and to see if they will reduce the number of times blockages occur in other bins, allowing for more effective rubbish collection and reducing litter.

We shall see how it goes as we trial it in Blackrock and Dún Laoghaire from May of this year.

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