Acting as cost-effective trials that serve to address key issues in our community to understand before implementing.
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Our aim is to engage with the public and to assess submissions from you on ideas that you have for small-scale improvements to the public realm. It will act as a centrepoint for sourcing good ideas from the public and seeing if we can turn them into small-scale test projects. Submit your idea.

submit your idea
Our team explore the idea

The focus will be on very small-scale projects and we will be prioritising and exploring which ideas will be trialled in one specific location while being monitored and assessed for effectiveness. We won’t be in the position to trial all the ideas put forward but we promise to take the ones that we think will work best as a trial.

Trial The Idea

The nature of the project is that these will be very much trial interventions, being tested in the field, for a trial period of 3 - 6 months. We have two initial projects up on trial so that you can get an understanding of the type and scale idea, trial parklets and pizza box bins.

Implement the idea in mainstream

Once the trial period is completed the Council will then consider if the trial projects are in any way feasible for developing out on a wider basis over time.


More about beta projects

Some of you might be wondering what BETA means. The phrase "in beta" is commonly used in the digital world to signal that something is imperfect and being released early into the world to enable learning from real-world testing and feedback.

We have two initial projects up on trial so that you can get an understanding of the type and scale idea – one is a trial parklets, where public seating and planting has taken the place temporarily of 3 car parking spaces in Sallynoggin. It will provide room for local people to relax there and for local businesses to allow patrons to use the seating.
The other is a trial of a new type of bin that is for pizza boxes ONLY – nothing else! Will this assist us with the issue of bulky pizza boxes blocking ordinary bins? We shall see how it goes as we trial it in Blackrock and Dún Laoghaire in May.

We will have a small group of senior staff in the Council who would periodically screen/assess the ideas from the public. It will be important to have subject area experts in the Council give their opinion on the feasibility and ’trialability’ of any project.

Contact information

If you would like further information please contact us at dlrbeta@dlrcoco.ie or telephone 01 204 7090.

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Beta Projects are cost-effective trials that might help us address and understand key issues in our community before possible wider implementation


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