dlr Parklet


dlr Parklet

Opening the footpath to encourage better quality street living.

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Covid-19 saw restrictions limiting the number of customers permitted to enter retail premises at any one time. For many small cafes & restaurants with small to moderate-sized units, this generated significant challenges.

The dlr Parklet is a dlr BETA project, initially developed by our Parks team.

Aware of the need for these businesses to provide additional external space for their customers, DLR explored the idea of introducing a prototype ‘Parklet’ to aid local businesses along Sallynoggin Road.

Prototype ‘Parklet’ along Sallynoggin Road
Prototype ‘Parklet’ along Sallynoggin Road
Trial Solution

On-street parking bays adjacent to local businesses were selected as the location for the Parklet. Two wedged-shaped raised planter beds provide a physical buffer between the traffic and the seating/eating space while a timber lath screen offers a visual separation between them. The planters were planted with a mix of wildflower, bulb and herbaceous perennial plants, marking the edge of the space and creating a pleasant seating environment.

The design of the Parklet is such that it opens out onto the footpath, inviting members of the community to use the built-in seating. The broadest areas are designed to accept outdoor furniture from the retail units facing the Parklet for customer use.

The Parklet has the potential to provide a facility that serves the community and local businesses alike, encouraging street living.

Prototype ‘Parklet’ along Sallynoggin Road
Prototype ‘Parklet’ along Sallynoggin Road

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